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Startup GDL is a nonprofit organization committed to making Guadalajara a global leader in high tech innovation.

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Grow your company from Guadalajara.

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Work at Guadalajara’s hottest startups.

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Inspire youth to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

Grow fast
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Grow fast. Spend less. Live well.

Once centered almost exclusively in Silicon Valley, startups now find fertile ground in Guadalajara, Mexico, where affordable, world class talent is creating an explosion of opportunities for individuals who want to start or scale their companies globally while living the good life.

Find out about the best kept secret in Latin America.

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Learn and get paid well
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Get paid well. Learn from the best.

The best way to build a successful company is to learn by doing and to work with those who have done it before. We provide local talent from Guadalajara the chance to work hard, get paid well, and learn from veteran tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Mexico, and beyond.

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Inspire the next generation
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Inspire the next generation

The world’s biggest problems might be solved by people who haven’t been born yet. We are partnering with the world’s best STEM and tech training programs for youth of all ages to scale them across hundreds of schools in the region so that every child has the access, mindset, and skills to create the next breakthrough technologies. Help us build the pipeline of future tech leaders.

Apply to be a mentor in our Tech Education Program or bring your program to Mexico.

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My parents left this very same part of Mexico when I was five to find opportunity in the US that was lacking here. Little did they know that the seeds of a robust tech industry were being planted and would one day flower and lure me back to even greater opportunity.

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